• The Drei Gleichen: Landscape steeped in culture to restore and refresh

    The Drei Gleichen (the castles crown three similar hills) are the gateway to the Ilmenau and Arnstadt Technology Region, endowing it, particularly in the case of the Veste Wachsenburg, with genuinely historic cultural character.

  • Ilmenau: at the foot of the Thüringer Wald

    Ilmenau, a University town with strong Goethe associations, is the scientific and intellectual hub of the Ilmenau and Arnstadt Technology Region. It is a town opening up the worlds of experience explored by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe himself. Lying in the foothills oft he wooded section oft he mid-German hills known as the Thüringer Wald, it offers rest and refreshment and will set the the energetic off on a range of sports and leisure activities.

  • Arnstadt: the oldest town in Thüringen

    Arnstadt has close links with Johann Sebastian Bach who started his career as a musician here. As the earliest recorded town in Thüringen and now the district administrative centre for the Ilmkreis, Arnstadt has an intact, exquisite inner core with many features that bear witness to its ancient history, and its lovely surroundings simply ask to be explored.

Nature, Recreation and Cultural Attractions

The Ilmkreis scenery has many contrasts, from the rolling hills that are crowned by the “Drei Gleichen” to the nature conservation area of the Vessertal with ist deep, ancient woods.

In harmony with nature, people here find all they need to balance out their working day. They can avail themselves of many and varied sports and leisure opportunities both summer and winter.

The arts, classically represented by Johann Sebastian Bach in Arnstadt and by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Ilmenau, endow both towns and their settings with significance extends far beyond the immediate district.

Close at hand there are already major sites with important roles in German history and culture, for instance in Erfurt, Weimar or Gotha.