• Significant sector: electrical and electronic engineering

    The manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment plays a major role in the Ilmkreis economic structure. Ilmenau University of Technology serves as partner for innovative technology transfer. The photo shows Measuring instruments at Ilmenau TU.

  • Typical of the area: mechanical engineering

    Fundamental to the sound economy in the Ilmkreis is metal-working with precision engineering both for major plant and fine technology, and there are a number of strong suppliers to the automotive industry. The photo shows special machinery being manufactured at Arnstädter Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau AG.

  • A unique network made up of 7500 companies

    Ilmkreis-located companies are responsible for a gross domestic product of more than two million euros a year. The photo shows production at Wintersteiger Sägen GmbH Arnstadt.


Of all the administrative districts of Thüringen, the Ilmenau and Arnstadt Technology Region is the most dynamic. In an innovative and successful network of enterprises, it opens the doors to profitable partnerships for technological companies.
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Technology Transfer

The Ilmkreis is the most innovative area of Thüringen. It offers excellent R and D partnerships to high-tech companies. As the centre of leading-edge technological development, Ilmenau University of Technology ensures that all innovation represents the state of the art.
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