Easily accessible in a central position

Few other German regions are as readily accessible by road, rail and air as the Ilmkreis.

Routes that connect to the whole world

The Ilmkreis has an excellent transport infrastructure at the heart of Germany. Ideal for fast movement of goods and for business travel when time is precious.

For air freight and travel, Erfurt-Weimar is an international airport only a few kilometres away from Arnstadt. There is also an airfield for commercial use at Alkersleben.

The A 71/A 73 motorway traverses the entire Ilmkreis and intersects with the A4 motorway in the north of the district at the Erfurt motorway junction. These two traffic arteries serve to link Germany’s centre to all four points of the compass.

The Ilmkreis is connected to the international rail network by the ICE interchange at Erfurt where the Frankfurt-on-Main–Erfurt–Dresden route and the new line Munich–Erfurt–Berlin, which has been completed since 2017, intersect.

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The Intercity Express is rolling …

High-speed trains are rolling since 2017 on the new ICE line from Munich to Erfurt and Berlin. The journey time from Erfurt to the capital city has reduced to 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Erfurt to Munich the ICE needs only 2 hours and 30 minutes.