• An der Bachschleife industrial estate: located in Arnstadt and easy of access,

    The An der Bachschleife industrial estate adjoins the Arnstadt Nord motorway access point and provides almost five hectares of fully developed commercial space. The settlement areas are located directly at the motorway feeder to the A71 and thus offer excellent transport connections.

  • 180 hectares at the Erfurter Kreuz for trade and industry

    The major industrial area known as the Erfurter Kreuz has been extended and offers ideal conditions for companies hoping to relocate where there is plenty of space.

  • Ehrenberg Ost industrial estate: favourable location right next to Ilmenau University of Technology

    The Ehrenberg Ost estate belonging to Langewiesen has a fully developed infrastructure and comprises more than ten hectares for commercial properties, especially those of technological companies, alongside the Ilmenau University campus.

Investing in the Ilmkreis

The Ilmenau and Arnstadt Technology Region represents the largest area in Thüringen with a network of connected locations for investors. The investor-friendly local authorities together with the Ilmkreis Regional Management Scheme give full support to any enterprise which plans to settle here.
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In the Ilmkreis, an excellent transport infrastructure awaits investors. In the very centre of Germany at the intersection of two motorways and close to the Erfurt ICE rail interchange, the region offers ideal travel and transport conditions.
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Contact person for investors:
Dr. Thomas Scheller
Wirtschaftsförderung des Ilm-Kreises
(Ilmkreis Industrial Support)
Telephone: +49 3628 738-230
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