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TRIA-ONLINE.EU is the online portal of “Technologie Region Ilmenau Arnstadt”, a project run by the Ilmkreis. The German name means “Ilmenau and Arnstadt Technology Region” and the Ilmkreis is the local authority for the district including these two towns and their surrounding smaller towns and villages.

Published by:
Landratsamt des Ilm-Kreises
(the offices of the local authority)
Ritterstraße 14
99310 Arnstadt
Telephone: +49 3628 738-0
Fax: +49 3628 738-111
Email: landratsamt@ilm-kreis.de
Internet: www.ilm-kreis.de

The Ilmkreis is a legal entity under public law. Its parliamentary representative is:

Ms Petra Enders
Member for the Ilmkreis in the Thüringen parliament
Ritterstraße 14
99310 Arnstadt

Produced by:
wr-communication – Büro für Kommunikation und Projektentwicklung, Inhaber Wolfgang Rauprich
(office for communications and project development, proprietor Wolfgang Rauprich),
Köstitzer Straße 9,
07381 Pößneck,
Telephone: +49 3647 5057886,
Fax: +49 3647 5057888,
Email: info@wr-communication.com
Internet: www.wr-communication.com

Wolfgang Rauprich (with formal editorial responsibility)

Technical execution:
Alexander Fleischer, software developer
Jan Schwate, webdesigner

Picture credits – aerial view of Erfurter Kreuz industrial estate: LEG Thüringen, photographer: Wagner-Produktion

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