Career opportunities

To young people, the Ilmenau and Arnstadt Technology Region means true professional challenge and a cornucopia of various career opportunities . Families coming to the Ilmkreis will find excellent living conditions in delightful scenery where leisure and recreation opportunities enhance the quality of life.

Follow this link for the ThAFF-Stellenmarkt (ThAFF: Thüringen agency for recruitment of skilled workers)
Send an application to the Erfurter Kreuz
Agentur für Arbeit (national employment agency)
Ilmkreis jobcentre

A region with good education

From child-care facilities of high reputate, (grammar) schools of the very best kind and vocational training through to university, the Ilmkreis offers every stage of education. Professional training is available for every imaginable career need.

Follow this link for the region’s education
Qualification and professional training
University degrees
Diary with career guideline dates