Regional Management County Gotha and Ilm-Kreis

The counties of Gotha and Ilm-Kreis are the economically strongest counties in Thuringia. Innovative, technology-oriented companies, well-known research institutions, attractive workplaces and liveable housing characterize the region. The aim of the joint regional management of the two counties is to further strengthen the region.

The Regional management as an active partner of economic development started work in August 2018 and

  • is working on core regional issues and initiating projects
  • networking stakeholders from business, science and administration and
  • conducts marketing for the region.

You will find us in Ilmenau at Wetzlarer Platz 1 and in the County Council Office Gotha, 18.-März-Straße 50.

The common regional development concept of the counties Gotha and Ilm-Kreis for Download

The team of Regional Management county Gotha and Ilm-Kreis: (From left) Janine Domhardt, Christian Schmidt, Melanie Schrickel and Carolin Schmidt. We look forward to working with you. Photo: LRA Ilm-Kreis

Talk to us

Christian Schmidt
Regional Manager
Phone + 49 3677 657-405 or
+ 49 3621 214-415
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Wetzlarer Platz 1
98693 Ilmenau

Janine Domhardt
Regional Management Assistant
Phone + 49 3677 657-406
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Melanie Schrickel
Regional Management Assistant
Phone + 49 3677 657-407
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18.-März-Straße 50
99867 Gotha

Carolin Schmidt
Regional Management Assistant
Phone + 49 3621 214-416
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