Start-up support:

Starting up an innovative technological company

Are you thinking of starting an innovative technological company? In the Ilmenau and Arnstadt Technology Region you can take advantage of a professional network of partners. There will be comprehensive advice on how to write a business plan, how to deal with property rights, how to get funding – and more – to support your step into self-employment.

As a part of this network, there is an organisational structure known as auftakt. Das Gründerforum Ilmenau. “Das Gründerforum” is a source of start-up support in the region which aims to improve the already fertile soil for business founders, especially in and around Ilmenau University of Technology. It serves to:

  • strengthen awareness of entrepreneurial thinking and activity
  • offer advice and mentoring on start-up plans
  • connect new entrepreneur to those able to offer professional support, fellow-feeling or co-operation in business partnerships.

Regular events such as “auftakt.Café”, “auftakt.Rallye” and “VC Campus” are opportunities for those considering a start-up to establish contacts and develop their own marketing ideas. The “auftakt.Basis” is a central contact point for new and potential entrepreneurs where ideas can be developed and information can be exchanged. Here you can feel free to explore your start-up idea! “auftakt.” collaborates closely with partners who will support their start-up in Thüringen.

  • The TGZ, Ilmenau’s start-up centre (Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Ilmenau), gives new ventures the opportunity to unfold (Verb fehlt im Deutschen!) their ideas in an inspiring environment amongst other seedling companies on the Ilmenau University of Technology campus.(oder ist dieser Punkt falsch??)
  • The Thüringen university business venture group (Thüringer Hochschulgründernetzwerk) and
  • ThürInG, the Thüringen innovative start-up group (Thüringer Netzwerk für Innovative Gründungen) provide much help to the network served by “auftakt.” , including access to training and qualifications, competitions and networking events.
  • ThEx, the centre for business start-up and entrepreneurship (Thüringer Zentrum für Existenzgründung und Unternehmertum) together with the local chamber of trade (IHK Südthüringen) at its office in Arnstadt, is where people in the “auftakt.” network can turn for all their day-to-day questions regarding the sort of start-up which is not particularly innovative or high-tech and thus not associated with major funding or research expense.

Contact person for technology transfer:

Dr. Dörte Gerhardt





Manager, Research Services and Technology Transfer Office, Ilmenau TU

Tel.: +49 3677 69 2512

Fax: +49 3677 69 1596

auftakt.Basis at the TGZ Ilmenau, Ehrenbergstr. 11