The Ilmkreis working party on school and industry, SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Ilm-Kreis

Schools and companies ae actively collaborating on career and degree awareness for pupils of both sexes.

Raising awareness on training and degrees

The Ilmkreis SCHULEWIRTSCHAFTworking party was founded on 10 April 1997 in Arnstadt Town Hall to serve the region. There are 25 Committee Members from different sectors of society actively, efficiently and equally at work in the network. The focus is on coordination and optimisation of local pupils‘ orientation towards degrees and training. Since mid-2018, it has been a working group of the Initiative Erfurter Kreuz.

The SCHULEWIRTSCHAFTinitiative goes back to 1953. Ever since, the representatives of schools and companies have been exchanging information and experience from their respective spheres of influences in the context of voluntary, enduring and long-term cooperation.

The Thüringen-wide Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft SCHULEWIRTSCHAFTwas established under the umbrella of the Verband der Wirtschaft Thüringens e.V. (industrialists‘ confederation of Thüringen) in 1991. Today this group coordinates and fosters the work of the 18 regional working parties in Thüringen.

Follow this link for the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Thüringen

Contact people in the Ilmkreis

For schools:
Thomas Umbreit

Staatliche Regelschule "Wilhelm Hey" Ichtershausen
Schulstraße 22
99334 Ichtershausen
Phone: +49 3628 - 600303
Fax: + 49 3628 - 600304
email: sl@rs-hey-ichtershausen.de
Internet: www.rsichtershausen.de

For companies:
Franz-Josef Willems

Initiative Erfurter Kreuz e.V.
c/o EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH
Dr.-Bonnet-Weg 1
99310 Arnstadt
Phone: + 49 3628 660482900
Fax: + 49 3628 660482925
email: vorstand@initiative-erfurter-kreuz.de
Internet: www.initiative-erfurter-kreuz.de

Information and Downloads:

Key activities

„Ein Tag im Unternehmen“ (A Day in a Company)

Calendar of work experience datesfor Ilmkreis pupils

Diary with career guideline dates

Chronicle of the Ilmkreis SchuleWirtschaft Ilm-Kreis working party

Thüringen‘s strategic policy on practical career guidance